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Social Media : A Trend In Making

Social Media : A Trend In Making

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Social media is a buzzword now. The reach of social media is enormous. This is new generation tool. This can make opinions and can give a feedback for a product or service. Day by day social media is growing, that too in an exponential way. This digital trend has moved leaps and bounds during the COVID19 lockdown times, as whole world has put a giant step forward.

An ever-changing trend

This digital trend speaks a lot about the new generation business and influencer trends. Change of trends and preferences of business houses along with consumers paving the way for more innovative diversions in digital world. These new trend setters are making their moves very fast. One need to board the gravy train before the start of the trend.

With change in trend weightage and preference of people shift from feature and platform. Every platform of social media seeing a rise followed by stage of saturation. If one need to make a mark in a particular social media platform, one need to be quick and start before it reaches peak. Once again to say, the trend changes fast.


Organic and Paid reach

At start of inclination every social media platform gives a lot of weightage to organic contents. But, with time, platforms change their back-end algorithm. With change in algorithm, weightage on organic content, slowly gets reduced. After a certain point of time, weightage on organic contents fall to a very low level. That’s the time, when one need to use paid services of the platform to make a reach.

In order to make a mark with organic contents one need to grab the opportunity before the start of the trend.

New Features Can Help

Every social media platform come up with new features on a regular basis. These new features – at times – give a huge weightage to the organic contents. These features must be well explored by content creators on periodic basis. These features are made to create an instant buzz in digital world. These features are, at times, created to counter a feature of the competitive social media platforms.


Macro & Micro contents

With hectic life, attention span of a viewer got reduced to huge extent. Along with this, “down scrolling speed” of viewers in social media too has increased. That means, one do not stick to a single content for long time. Hence, the digital world is rapidly trending from macro contents to micro contents. This marks a start of new digital trend.

All content creators are now modifying their contents and putting more emphasis on micro contents.


Likewise, there are many trends which keep coming and making mark. These trends can lead the digital world. Study of upcoming trends is a must for both content creators and business houses. These trends can help to make a mark in digital journey. Once again to say, trends change fast. These changes to trends need to be detected before happening. Study of data and insights can help to study this. Apart from study of consumer behavior too gives a good insight.

Overall, digital trend – especially social media – is a trend in making !