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Planning: A Core Management Virtue

Importance Of Planning

Importance Of Planning

Planning is an important phase before start of any work. Whether this is business or any other project you always require a proper plan. Plan is something which keeps you on toes throughout. There are many instances where plan acted as a real motivator. Planning is a very wide activity. It is defined as “blueprint of future action”. One must have a plan, in order to pursue a project. Benjamin Franklin has rightly said “if you fail to plan that means you are planning to fail”.

Many points can be quoted, why planning is important. There are numerous points which will help you to understand this. I have noted here six points to make you understand.

1 Blueprint of future action: Plan is blueprint of future action. Whatever action you are willing to take in future, it is planned before. This is put in form of a proper planning map. So whatever you are willing to do in next 6 months, 1 year, 5 years or 10 years it’s all mentioned in the plan.

2 Plan of action ready: PoA is the real guiding point for all the projects and for businesses. So your plan of action is solely dependent on the planning which you have done before. The things which comes first need to be noted first, which comes last need to be noted last. So points are taken from initial planning, so once your planning is done POA gets ready.

3 Handout to refer: Planning is a handout which helps you to check the work on and off. This is a ready hand out for the whole project or business. So, this is the document which is generally referred the most.

4 Organized work: With the planning in hand the work gets organized to a huge extent. Organized work leads to better results and greater efficiency. So, if your work is planned and organized properly your rest of the path becomes easy never.

5 Knowledge of time limit: The time limit is an important criterion of anything. Time limit is determined in the planning stage. Planning determines the time limit for step 1, step 2, step 3 and so on. So, the planning keeps you on toes by the method of designating a time limit in every step.

6 Better action: With the right planning, proper organization and proper time limit in place, the action you are going to take in business or in the project gets a proper path. This helps in proper execution of the project and plan.

Remember planning is a vital criterion. This will help you to achieve bigger objectives in business and life.