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How To Get Daily Dose of Inspiration?

How to get daily dose of inspiration?

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People at times ask me how to get a daily dose of inspiration? The problem they face is, they start a job with a lot of energy but slowly they fall back. This can be prevented by daily dose of inspiration. Now, the question comes how to get a daily dose of inspiration? In today’s digital world, getting daily dose of inspiration is not at all tough.

I am hereby, mentioning here four simple ways to get a daily dose of inspiration.

1 Reading inspiring books: There are many motivational speakers and writers whose books are wonderful sources of inspiration. These books are reasonably priced and written in simple languages. These books act as wonderful source of inspiration.

2 Listening to podcast: Podcasts are growing in importance. There are many podcast apps which offer free podcast listening to its subscribers. Some of them are Spotify, Google Podcast, Apple podcast. If someone is not having them, simply visit anchor.fm and search the podcaster. One can listen this while doing work or even while commuting to office. Of course not recommended while driving.

3 Watching inspiring YouTube channels: Most of the motivational speakers or writers have their YouTube channels. Simply subscribe then and start viewing. These are all free of cost materials. YouTube videos will help you to understand the concepts better as it has visual impact number

4 Read inspiring blogs: Blog is an amazing way to gain knowledge from a writer or a speaker. Every speaker, writer or known personality have their blogs. Just read them and benefit from them.


In this digital world, getting daily dose of inspiration is not difficult. Just do above 4 steps.