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Why People Fail ?

Why People Fail

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Success and failures are part of life. Every person on this earth faces these two situations. This forms a part of life. Success makes a person motivated whereas the failure brings demotivation. But these are just phases. They come and go. Apart from this, these phases depend on work and habits as well. Right work plan and habit can prevent failure to come too often. Certain personality trends too prevent it from occurring.

It is important for any person to analyze the reasons for failure. Unless person analyzes he or she would not be able to find the reasons for failure. This in turn will help that person to rectify those and prevent the re-occurrence.

I am noting here five points which might results in failure

1. Not Being Consistent In Efforts: Efforts are required on continuous basis for the success. Efforts must have a consistency. This consistency makes a mark to the outside world. Consistent efforts are always recognized by all stakeholders. This may have some hurdles or initial turmoil but those fade out with time. Inconsistent efforts are recipe for failure. Inconsistent efforts make a bad repute in business as well.

2. Giving Up Too Early: One must not give up early. Initial turmoil is quite common in life. Toughest phase of any journey is the starting phase. When the any phase starts, giving a thrust to the start is the toughest. One must remember that good things take time to come up or show results. This is the real phenomenon. If one carries with the efforts and goes ahead with the plan. He is sure to get success. So best thing is not to give up too early.

3. Not Having A Plan: Plan is a great tool. Benjamin Franklin said, “If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail”. This is a great quote. Plan is a defined as blueprint of future action. If you do not have a blueprint for your actions, then the actions are bound to get affected. One must plan with pen and paper. Plan has to be on paper. One can do mental brainstorming, but plan must be written. Plan has to be detailed mentioning every step of the action.

4. Not Focused: Focus on work matters. A person who focuses on the work gets success. This is the rule of nature. Focus on work increases efficiency and reduces errors. Right focus makes the work smooth. Focus also keeps the quality of work great. If a person is not focused, his or her work quality deteriorates. This further leads to many issues. So not being focused is a negative trend. 

5. Following Unethical Path: It is important for all to follow the ethical path. Unethical works are not liked by anyone. This is a curse. Every person or organization want to work with people or organizations which are ethical. Work ethics are of utmost importance. Not following ethical path is an allergic mode of work. People get away from such persons. At the same time ethical work does not pay back. Karma is very powerful. It was pay off at some point of time or other.

Every person in this world must keep in mind the above mentioned five points. These are key pointers for failures. One must work, to keep these away.