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Six Points For Good Business Meeting

Six Points For Good Business Meeting

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Meeting is most important part of the business. This at times becomes deciding criterion. Many important business deals are cracked in meetings. Many strategic decisions are taken during meetings. So it is important that one must have meeting in right way.

There are many ways how it can be done. I, hereby, note six points for this.

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 1.       On Time: Show of professionalism starts from arriving on time. One must respect each other’s time. No one likes latecomers. This makes the meeting right going and professional

2.       Right grooming & attire: It is human psychology to assess a known person by his appearance. Remember first impression is the last impression. Here comes the importance of attire & grooming. Nicely groomed and attired person is comfortable to deal with as compared to shabby looking person.

3.       Professional meet & greet: After attire & grooming, meet & greet created another impression. Professional greeting makes another impression. This phase must be properly done. Professional way of greeting is an art. This must be done in a perfect way. Your wishing as per time if day, Shaking hands, eye contacts etc really matter

4.       Clear agenda: A meeting must have clear agenda. Agenda should be properly drafted and circulated to participants before meet. This makes the meeting go properly. Agenda should be allocated to participants. Each participant must be aware about his or her role

5.       Proper preparation: Once the agenda of meet gets circulated. All participants should prepare for the meet. This preparation helps to conduct the meet in an efficient way. Every participant must be well prepared with his or her role in this meet. This includes facts, figures, descriptions, presentations etc

6.       To the point: It is important to remain “to the point” while in meeting. It is general tendency to deviate from the point. It is important to bring back the discussion to the points laid. This is the best way to make the meeting right and professional.

Meeting is vital process for the business. It is important to keep the meeting right.