Abhishek Sengupta

Entrepreneur | Author | Podcaster

Just to Think !

Thinking is a state where mind is at peak of its activity and plans. People at times think it as waste of time, but it is the most essencial think in the life. Thinking is the first stage of planing. As you all know, planing is defined as blue print of future action.

Thinking is the time when the postive energy is at peak. Now it is upto the thinker where he or she would like to direct the positive energy for good or for bad things. Best way to think is to close your eyes and remain calm. It is always advisable to plan what exactly you are going to think. This may vary from how to do a small office wotk to how to run the country.

If you go though the lives of most sucessful people, you will always find them to be great thinkers. Just like exercising daily, I suggest please include thinking as a part of your daily routine.

Just start to think everyday, at least for few minutes. You will find yourself much organised and planned. Think about your day in office, new assignments, sales target, etc etc.
Mind is the goldmine of all thoughts and solutions. Thinking digs the mind and takes out all good things.

So ladies & Gentlemen just THINK !