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Motivation : The Fuel to “Growth Engine”


Motivation Fuel To Growth Engine

Motivation, at time it seems like a big type word or a spare part of some rocketry products. Well, it is and one of the best way keep yourself going. This is a great way to climb ladder of success. I describe it as a “fuel” to the engine. Full of this fuel acts as growth booster and lack of this acts as major reason of failure. I hope you now know how important is this.

I do not like to sound big or sophisticated about this topic but just wanted to add few lines on this.This is the one of the basic ways to go for a big target. More motivation means big success and vice versa. you have keep adding fuel to keep the fire burning. yes, that’s the fact, more fuel means more fire. Motivation is the only key factor which makes successful people successful. If you watch successful people, you will find that they are highly motivated. They start their day with an explosion of energy. This is important because motivation is required to outcome the daily laziness and hindrances. We all have a tendency to fall back. I will explain this in simple words, we start a job with full of energy. Each job takes time to complete. Then comes hassles, hindrances, problems, issues, delays etc etc. As everyday one faces these, the level of motivation starts falling. Just like fuel tank of a car gets empty once it starts running. So fuel tank needs regular re-fueling to keep running. So is our system. We need daily dose of motivation for running ourselves.

Now question comes, how can we re-fuel ourselves with motivation. Well, that’s not at all difficult. We live in an age of information. Everything is available over print and electronic mode. We just need to search. This is not a high cost activity. Most of the materials are available for free. Try few tricks below :

1. Go to google and search your favorite motivational speaker or writer. Read their articles

2. Search for blogs, videos, shows etc on motivation. Keep going through all such motivational materials.

3. Hear motivational podcasts

4. Books on motivation are also available, just browse and get it. Those books are not so expensive but the value of those will be amazing. Just go for it.

5. Make learning as regular session. Just one hour a day.


Do it for one month, you will find a change in yourself. You will find yourself self-motivated. Once you are motivated, hassles and obstructions are of no meaning. Your inner fire will make you enough strong so that you will be able to burn the obstacles down. There will be no obstructions which can hold you back. That’s the magic formula.