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Are Financial Strategies Life’s Real Key ?

Financial Strategies

Financial strategies are important in life as well. Just like Business the financial strategies need to be planned for one’s life. This is the way which paves for the financial independence in later stage. This makes the way for the wonderful growth of life. These are simple point but need strict adherence and discipline.

I am mentioning 5 basic points for life’s financial strategies

1 Differentiate between need & greed: Money is required for need of life. But there is a fine line between need & greed. This fine line should never be crossed. Greed eats up your money. This might also led to risker & illegal ways of money making. This need to checked with conscious effort

2 Get Away from “show-offs”: This is the real killer. Show off require money. The money gets spent in showoff could well be invested for better returns. Show offs never end. This keeps burning hard earned money. This creates a dent not only in your financial papers but also in your life. Here, Warren Buffet powerful quote comes up :  “If you buy things you don’t need, you will soon sell things you need.”


3 Set Financial goals: Financial goals should be set early in life. This is the issue with the education system worldwide. Students are taught about various subjects but not taught about financial concepts. This is the major reason why the financial plans are not set in time. They are generally set too late, at times when responsibilities and liabilities of life are high. This provides lesser scope for saving and investment.

4 Invest from an early age: Your investments need time to appreciate in value. This can only happen when you start investing in early age. Time is an important criterion for growth in investment. More time you give, more it grows. Start investing in young age.

5 Track spending habits : Here another quotes of Buffet comes in “Don’t save what is left after spending; spend what is left after saving.” But people, as a habit, do otherwise. People need to spend to cover the expenses of life. But issues starts when people starts buying unnecessary stuffs. This is the sole reason why their financial strategies go wrong.

6 Cover contingencies: While planning your financial strategies one need to cover his or her loose ends. This need to be done by various schemes like term insurance, medical insurance etc. At the same time, one need to make contingency fund to deal with uncertainties in life.

These are basics of financial strategy making. One must keep these points in mind for making their life’s financial strategy.