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Is WonderHour Key For Growth ?

Wonder Hour

Wonder Hour

Morning time is the “wonder-hour” of the day. This is the best hour of the day.  Whatever you do in this hour gets success. Many great personalities have advocated utilization of this hour. This keeps body and mind in good health. Many successful people are utilizing this to the fullest. I have mentioned this in my book “Entrepreneurship Through My Lenses”.

There are many benefits of this. Few of them, I am mentioning as below:

      1.  Right body clock: Your body clock gets in order, when you get up early and start utilizing the wonder hour.  The right body clock is important for good health. It keeps mind and body sound. Good health is a blessing

     2. Organized work: Wonder-hour can be used to organize work, as right utilization helps to properly plan the work. This is the time when the brain and mind remain fresh, whatever you do goes well. So, this hour must be used to organize day’s work.

       3.  Time for exercise: Early morning can be used for exercising. Exercise keeps the body in good health. Early morning exercise helps to keep many lifestyle related ailments away. In today’s hustle and bustle time, exercise should be a daily routine.

       4.  Time to meditate: Early morning is the best time to meditate. Meditation keeps stress away. In today’s world stress is at its peak. Regular meditation helps to keep it away. This also improves mental health of a person

      5.  “Me” time: “Me Time” is the time which you spend with yourself. This is the time which help one to enrich oneself. This time is generally avoided by many people. But this is the time one should spend with oneself. You may do what you like, read a book, listen to your favorite music etc. Few minutes of “me time” early in the morning, really helps you to stay cheerful throughout the day.

        6.  Few extra hours in day: By rising early, one can have few extra hours in a day. Extra hours will help you to stay organized and enhance your work capacity. Enhanced work capacity will improve your work efficiency. Higher efficiency can help you to do more work. This will help you to stay ahead of your competition

       7.  Successful: With good health, increased work efficiency, organized work and cheerful mood, you are sure to gain success. Success is a result of many cumulative efforts. This helps to rise in life.

So, use wonder-hour to the fullest. This will help you to lead in life.