Abhishek Sengupta

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Startup : Concept in brief

Startup is a common word now a days. This refers to the company in initial stage f operation. This is a trend now a days. Rather, I must say this is the age of startup.

Question comes why everyone is discussing about startup ? Its because of the multiplicative nature of it. Let me explain. India, now has 1.30 billion people. It is almost impossible for any Government to provide jobs to such a huge number of persons. Even setting big industries, can help but that too has saturation limit. Now how to address the situation ? Answer is instead of increasing jobs one has to increase job creators. Here, the startups takes up the role. Startups can act as wonderful job creator in long run. Startups have changed the world to a big extend. Facebook, Google, Apple etc were made by startup founders only.

Now a days, even Government is coming up with lots and lots of Startup schemes. Startups are getting encouraged. Colleges started having entrepreneurship cells and there students are even mentored. Lot of funding options are coming up to facilitate seed funding for budding entrepreneurs.

Almost everyone want to start and create a big business. But the question comes, why cannot everyone do that ? That’s because this involves risk. Aan very few people can take up that risk. This is the real fact.

Startup is fun. But involves struggle. It is an exicitng journey but has lots of ups and downs.