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5 Books: A Startup Founder Must Read

5 Books: A Startup Must Read

To grow, you will require one of the most important element: “Learning”. This element acts as wonderful investment with huge RoI. This thing, I have mentioned in my previous article “Dedicate to Continuous Learning”. It is said Money earned can be lost but knowledge earned cannot be lost.

Below are 5 awesome and masterpiece books, I have noted, which one must read in lockdown :-

1. The Greatness Guide By Robin Sharma : This is wonderful book from author of Monk Who Sold His Ferari. This is well suited for people who are beginners in reading books. This book has short chapters, which one can finish in 10-15 mins. One chapter you can finish in one coffee break as well. These short chapters has some of amazing techniques for self improvement. This is a great way to improve step by step. 

2. Managing Time of Your Life By Machen MacDonald : This is fantastic book on time management with a difference. This book has short articles by some of successful personalities. These chapters define how they managed their time and their recommendations for readers. This book mentions some of most helpful techniques for time management. For every professional time management is a necessity and a challenge. This book presents a perfect solution.

3. The Power Of Your Subconscious Mind By Dr Joseph Murphy : I call this a “wonder-book”. This book thoroughly describes the way your sub-conscious mind can be developed  for your betterment and success. This also mentions success stories and ways some of known people got benefited from these techniques. Harnessing the power of Subconscious mind is an art. The ways of improvement of this art are well mentioned in this book. Improved and powerful subconscious mind can be best of blessings for any person.

4. How to Win Friends and Influence People By Dale Carnegie : This book is one of most popular book among all sectors of people. This book has helped countless persons to develop themselves and reach to next level by improving their personalities. In a line this book is must read. This book is not only about wining friends but also about professional excellence and improvement. These principles are well accepted in all aspects of life and profession.

5. The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People By Stephen R. Covey : This book has time tested techniques to make a person effective and successful. The seven habits noted in this book are effective irrespective of time, place and profession. These habits can be mastered without any problem by anyone of any age. These 7 habits can be best friends for any one throughout life. Many known personalities got benefited from this book.

I truly believe reading and following above mentioned books, will be real boon in one’s life. The principles mentioned in above books are real magics.