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Best Practices Before Business Presentation

Best Practices Before Business Presentation

Presentation in business is a vital process. It creates many business opportunities. Many deals are finalized based on the presentation. This becomes make or break situation for the company. It is quite obvious – at times – person who is going to present gets nervous. This is nothing unusual. Rather a human psychology. Too much expectations make a person nervous.

Apart to regular preparation, few more exercises can be of help. I am noting here few points which will help to get rid of nervousness:

1 Close your eyes: This is first step. Cut off from all distractions. Close your eyes. Put the focus of the mind inside oneself. This step helps you to improve focus and remove distractions. Quick deep breathing can be of further help. Needless to say, keep your mobile, laptops and tab away.

2 Create a presentation room in mind: This is next step. You have to expose your mind virtually to the environment of the presentation room. In order to do that, create an image of presentation room in your mind. Imagine you are going to present. Imaging the chairs, tables, lightings, screen your laptop, presentation stage etc. Keep hovering your mind inside the proposed presentation room. This will help your mind to adapt to the environment and keep the nervousness out.

3 Make an imaginary presentation: Once you imagine the environment of the presentation room. This will slowly take away the anxiety. One you calm and composed, make an imaginary presentation in front of imaginary people. Run the whole presentation with your proposed narration. You may do this exercise multiple times. More you do more confidence you build.

4 Answer imaginary questions: Questions after the presentation, at times, makes the presenter scary. Best way to deal with this phobia is to make the mind acquainted with the situation. Imagine audience is asking questions and you are answering them. Deal with as many imaginary questions you as you can. In imagination, learn how to deal with tough question. Learn to deal with questions of which, you do not know answers. More you do so, more your phobia disappears.

5 Your brain will adapt: Brain is an amazing machine. Brain becomes confused in new environment. When you practice the above steps in mind, the brain becomes acquainted with the situation. As brain becomes familiar with the situation, chances of getting jumbled up gets reduced. Mostly this is a mental exercise. This helps to overcome the nervousness.

 So keep practicing above five points before any business presentation.