Abhishek Sengupta

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“Gurer Misti” : A Bengali Delicacy

With onset of winter, all Bengali food delicacies are sky high. With new and tasty jaggary called “Khejur Gur” (Jaggery made of date palm) coming to market, all wonderful Gur Based Bengali sweets are on high demand. Almost all sweet shops are loaded with what is called as “Gurer Misti“.

Khejur Gur is derived from the sap of the date palm tree (Khejur or Khajur Tree). Farmers collect and cook the sap of the Date palm Tree. In this process, the jaggery changes colour from transparent to Burgundy and then its allowed to cool and solidify. In order to get the traditional flavour, the cooling and solidification process is done in earthen pots and this enhances the flavour and longevity. Patali gur is a Bengal delicacy and is not to be confused with the Palm jaggery (from the palmyra tree) as against this authentic product which is from the Date Palm Tree. It times it is also referred a Nolen Gur , which literally means New Jaggary.

One can very well have his Gur with anything of choice, let it be chapatis, fruits, or even can have without anything or even solo as dessert. This is relatively soft as compared to other forms of Gur. Sweet shops are offering hundreds of delicacies make up of Gur. Winter of Bengali does not get completed without Gurer Misti (Sweets made up of Jaggary). It is not that only sweets shops make such delicacies alomost every Bengali home prepares such delicacies throughout the winter.

Gurer Sandesh, Gurer Rashogolla, Korapaker Sandesh etc makes winter in Bengal more sweeter. It is said best time to visit, see and feel Bengal is winters. During winters of course, climate is pleasant. But at the same time you can taste a lot of Misti (Sweet) items which are signature dishes of Bengal. Unorthodox blend of Gur is also worth mentioning here, which gave rise to famous Nolengurer icecream.

The sweet smell of fresh “gur” was so inviting that never could resist myself to have too much of it. Owing to this at times consumption of this goes to sinful level, which might harm. But afterall Bengalis cannot resist it whatsoever be said or done.

Enjoy “Guer er Misti” in winter !