Abhishek Sengupta

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Finger-licking Kebab at Park Street

With winter showing its way, foodie Bengali is always on rounds at Park Street. This is the time when we all hog-on food as climate of Kolkata makes a way for wonderful gastronomic delight. This is the best was to taste the amalgamation of food & taste at cultural capital of country. Slight chilly evening with starry lighting of evergreen Kolkata’s Park Street is the best time to taste Kebab for a Bengali.

Kebabs came to Kolkata with coming of Muslim rulers. Along with their rule, they had brought with them wonders of their cuisine. By Kebabs we only mean or think non-veg kebabs. But it might surprise you that  Veg kebabs are also on roll with high frequently. Although it came with rulers as a part of their culture, but with passage of time kebabs became a subject of experimentation and evolution. Many chefs have tried their hand and experimented with it. This brought some of the finest dishes to your pallet. After all food experimentation are always welcome.

With winter showing its way and kebabs sizzling on charcoal barbecue, its makes perfect atmosphere for enjoying the great food evolution. A great concept by one of the well known restaurants of Kolkata, “Barbeque Nation”. Located in first floor at Park Street and Camac Street crossing, needless to say it is one of the bustling area of Kolkata, it does everything to hike up your fascination for food. As the outlet is on the busiest junction of the city, it is always recommended to have a reservation before you go. They have an amazing concept of placing charcoal barbeque on the table. This is a concept which draws many food lovers to the outlet. Drinks and unlimited servings of delicious kebabs, is enough to pamper you tastebuds in an awesome way. Do not forget to soak your kebabs in wonderful and specially made dips available on table.