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Karim’s : True Delhi Gourmet !

Karim’s a true destination which all foodies will know. This is situated deep inside crowded area near Jama Masjid. This was in place from early 20th Century.

Story started in mid 19th century.  When Mohammed Aziz,  a cook in the royal Mughal Court came to Ghazibad  after exile of Bahadur Shah Zafar. Hazi Karimuddin, one of son of MD Aziz moved to Delhi with a noble motive of serving shahi Mughal Food to common man. He started his journey by selling famous Alu Ghosh & Rumali Roti. Karimuddin his famous outlet near Jama Masjid where his mighty framed outlet still stands tall. 

Karim’s can be well reached by roads as it is well connected with buses and autos. Nearest metro station is a Jama Masjid. From main roads you can take autos for a short route drive. 

Karims serve crisp and well known menu. They keep their authenticity intact. They have quick turnaround time. Menus include wonderful items with Shahi touch. This makes the gourmet delighted with hands of expert cooks with touch of Shahi regime. If you are there you must not forget to try Sheek Kebabs which has wonderful mouthwaterig recipes. This is one of fast moving items. Nihari is one of the most liked dishes over there. But you need to be there bit early to taste this. Their speciality Murg Shahjanani is liked by food lovers to the core. Main dishes can be well taken with either Biryani or special Rotis. If you want to carry your “Experiment With Food” bit more try Brain Curry. Their crisp menu really makes the food lovers ga-ga. Do not forget to end your meal with awesome Firni. So over all visit to Karims is a true journey to mesmerizing Mughal Gastronomy. 

In a line, rush for awesome Delhi Gourmet !