Abhishek Sengupta

Entrepreneur | Author | Podcaster

Finding The “IKIGAI”



People make mistake by randomly jumping into business or profession without even introspecting oneself. One person first need to find what one’s soul is looking for. Hence the concept of “Ikigai” comes.

“Ikigai” is a Japanese word which means “reason for being”. The word consists of ‘Iki’ means “to live” and ‘gai’ means “the reason”. So, before you make a start, you must find out your “Ikigai”. Finding out is not that tough. Few simple questions can clarify that. I have mentioned this in first chapter of my book #Entrepreneurship Through My Lenses”.

I have made a cluster of six questions to find that out. Lets run through :


1. What is the Purpose ? This the first question you need to ask. The purpose of work need to assessed first.


2. Why should I start ? It might seem like first question, line of difference. What makes one start the project? The answer might be subjective in nature.


3. Will this serve my goal ? Everyone has goal. Few identify them but do not identify them. So you need to find out, work you are starting is going to take you nearer to goal ?


4. Does this suit me ? Everyone cannot do everything. This depends on one’s mindset, education, personality and preference. So make you you check the work before start.


5. Will this bring me success? Work one is starting, will that make him or her successful. This is a wonderful question to keep asking.


 6. How will this be good ? Whether the work will bring good to the person. This is wonderful question to keep asking oneself.

These are not tough questions, but these are bit introspecting in nature. These make one thought clear. Clarity of though makes the work better and efficient. So find your “IKIGAI” before you start something.