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Best Use Of Social Media

Best Use Of Social Media - Copy

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Social media has amazing power. This need to be explored in business. This gives business amazing thrust and coverage. Online coverage is a great concept. This creates a right branding for a company or any organization. Most of the time, social media is used as connecting and chatting platform. But, it is much more than that.

There are few simple and best ways to do so. I am noting here six powerful ways to do so :

1 Use social media managing platforms: There are many social media managing platforms. You can use them to post or schedule your content to different social media platforms at a time. This helps you to evenly distribute the contents over a period of time. You can schedule multiple posts once and those will appear on timeline at a set time. There are many such platforms like Hootsuite, Buffer, Zoho Social etc. Some offer free service while others offer paid services. Many platforms like Buffer & Hootsuite offer both free & paid services. Their free versions of service are limited ones, whereas paid services have a lot of options. You may select as per your budget.


2 Right content for different platforms: Different types of social media platform prefer different types of content. So same content to all platforms is not recommended. Twitter is a micro blogging site. You need to keep your posts short and crisp. You may upload photo and links as well. In Twitter video can be uploaded with certain criteria up to maximum two minutes length. Facebook is connecting site offering profile and page options. Here, you may write long posts, upload long videos and links. LinkedIn is a professional networking site. Here, your content should be on a professional note. However, you may upload photos, videos & link here. Instagram is basically a photo sharing platform. Here, links generally do not work unless it is in bio section of the profile. Here, you have options of uploading long and short videos both. Short videos upto 1 minute can be uploaded whereas videos more than that need to be under IGTV. They have introduced a new feature of “Instagram Reels” as well. Instagram stories too offer a great coverage with swipe up option (This is conditional feature). So, do not go for same content for all platforms. Rather make them as per suitability of the platform. 

3 Select Keywords: Selection of keywords is tough. Internet world is growing day by day. There are millions of searches which are going everyday. These searches can go from across the globe. You need to select your key words properly. This makes the reach of your post proper and good. There are many browser extensions which can help you to find the keywords with their volumes of search.  Extensions like keyword surfer, can help you get keywords with high search volume. Apart from showing keywords, it also provides a lot of other info about the keyword. Accordingly you can pick and choose right words for your writeup.


4 Tag properly: At times a post is tagged with the person or institution associated with it. In Facebook it can be mentioned in post or tagged in picture. In Twitter you can mention by writing the username in your post. LinkedIn too offers mention in the post by writing the name of person who already in your network. Instagram uses this extensively; you can tag a person by mentioning his or her username in the post. This gives a mileage to your content. But, at time, this could be offensive for the other person. So, tag person who is associated with the matter or only with permission.


5 Use hashtags: Hashtags are great way for enhancing coverages. But using too many hashtags degrades the quality of the post. Hashtags should be properly selected and placed. Instagram put a maximum limit of 30 hashtags. So, first do a little research on the hashtags. This is quite easy. One more quick trick, which many people follow, is to include a trending but relevant hashtag in your post. This is a nice trick but remember your post must be relevant to the hashtags. Improper hashtags are not recommended.


6 Respond to comments & DMs: The social media call for comments & DMs. At times inquires come, feedbacks come, many questions are asked. These need to be replied as soon as possible. This not only creates prospects but also increases viral reach of the post. This must be dealt properly and professionally. Improper reply spoils the brand image.


So, above mentioned points are easy to follow but are high impact points.