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7 Hidden Gems To See Post COVID

7 Hidden Gems To See Post COVID

7 Hidden Gems To See Post COVID

Travel is the best way to see and know the world. This is an amazing way to enrich our knowledge. Although it temporarily stopped due to outbreak of COVID19. Once the world settled and travel starts, keep these places in your bucket list.

1. Blackwater Falls State Park, West Virginia, USA :

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It is situated in Allegheny Mountains of Tucker County in West Virginia. The most clicked part of this area is the cascade where river Blackwater leaves Canaan Valley and makes an entry to Blackwater Cannon. The river originates from Allegheny mountains and gets into Cheat River as one of its tributary. The colour of river is due to spurce and hemlock trees, its tannins are contributors of the amber colour. 

2. Bariloche, Argentina :

Best things to do in Bariloche, Argentina | CNN Travel

This is referred as Argentina’s Patagonia. This situated near borders of Chile. Its is actually a lake town. The adventure tourists will love this place as this has options of kayaking, fishing & hiking trails. The Parque Nacional Nahuel Huapi, National Park by Lake, is must see in this place. You can drive around and even opt for a boat cruise. One more place to see is Parque Nahuelito, a dinosaur theme park. This is a great place to see for Jurassic Park enthusiasts. 

3. Salzkammergut, Austria:

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Salzkammergut is located near Lake Hallstatt, one of most beautiful Alpine lakes. Just to say, Austria is well blessed with mesmerizing beauty of Alpine.  Lake provides wonderful opportunity boating owing to its crystal clear water. The place also offers journey to salt mines – known to be white gold – of Salzkammergut region. 

4. Kuang Si Falls, Laos :

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Located in Luang Prabang reagion of Laos, it is also known as “Three Layered Waterfalls”. Old story goes where an old man summoned water from Nam Xi River and apparently made way for outburst of water. During recent time flow of tourist increased to this area. Area of waterfall is quite developed with good arrangements for tourists. 

5. Volcanoes National Park, Rwanda:

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  This is situated in north-western part of Rwanda. There are  five volcanoes adjacent to this. This place is known for Gorilla Visits. But entry for this is bit expensive and strictly controlled. Other tourist activities include volcano climbing, lake tour, caves tour, tour to tomb of Dian Fossey – An American primatologist & conservationaist who was killed there. 

6.Bay Of Fires, Tasmania :

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  This is located in North Eastern costline of Tasmania. This is named by Captain Furneaux after he saw fires of Aboriginal people at the beach. The is famous for orange hued granite, the colour is caused by lichen. There are many tourism activities like camping, boating, fishing, sea surfing & even bird watching. 

7. Mt Erebus, Antarctica :

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  This is one of the active volcanoes of the continent. This features Lava Lake –  lake of magma. The hot and killer volcanic gases erupt huge ice chinmey. Dangerous volcanic gases pour from top of the ice chimney. This is also the site of tragic crash of Air New Zealand DC -10 airliner which killed more than 200 passengers.