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Cheap Travel Deals !

Today’s world is a competitive world. Everyone is getting price deals from different agencies. This leads to comparison of quotes received. In the age of information, the comparison of various products are also increasing. People can readily get deals online from different to operators. One can easily hunt for the lowest deal. This trend is quite common nowadays.

However just looking for the lowest quote is not recommended. One need to check and recheck the low cost package which is received. At the same time the package with a lot of freebies are again not recommended. One must know nothing goes free. In someway or other, cost is included and adjusted. At times, lowering the cost or adding freebies lead to deterioration of quality. Hence only hunting for the cheapest deal is not recommended anymore. At times expert opinion or a rational comparison is advised. 

Instead of looking for cheap deals one need to check for:

  1. Inclusions : One need to check what is included in the package. Weather right inclusion which a traveller is looking for, is there in the package. Proper check of inclusion is required, before finalizing a deal. Most of the time, cheap tour packages have lesser inclusions.
  2. Exclusions : One also need to check what is excluded from the package. A cheap tour package will have more exclusions and vice versa. At the same time, one need to check weather exclusions are mentioned properly. The clarity of exclusion is required more than anything else. Improper clarity of exclusions leads to utter confusion during the tour.
  3. Hotel : One more thing which need to be checked is, the category and location of Hotel used for the tour. A good hotel with good location calls for higher tour cost and vice versa. Generally cheap tours include low category hotels or poorly located hotels. A traveller need to check the quality & location of hotel before finalizing the deal.
  4. Assist Points : Assist points need to be checked during the tour. Cheaper tours will not have much of the assist points. In Most of the cheaper tours, logistical arrangements  are outsourced to different agencies, in order to reduce operating cost. So in such cases, assist points would be limited. You need to have assist point right from start of the tour till end.
  5. Insured Tours : You need to check whether the tour you are opting for, is insured or not. Insured tours are expensive where as tours which are not insured are cheap.
  6. Response during emergency : You need to check from various references about tour operators response during emergency. In case a traveller gets into an emergency situation while in tour, how shift does operator responds and extends help. This is a vital factor in a foreign land.
  7. Promptness during cancellation and refund : This is another the vital factor which a traveller need to consider before booking the tour. Incase due to any exigency, if tour planned need to be cancelled, how quick and prompt is the operator about the process of cancellation and refund. This is one reason many people still prefer to connect and book tours from a traditional agent rather than online portals.

Along with above factors, there are many factors which determine tour cost. Highest standards and better parameters lead to higher tour cost and vice versa. So instead of hunting for cheap tours, one should look for above mentioned parameters to decide which tour to book and go for.