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Where To Look For Business Contents?

Where To Look For Business Contents?

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Business contents are widespread in internet. This is a great way to gain knowledge and ideas. This need to be regularly read. These contents are of immense help. These help an entrepreneur to regularly improve.

I am noting here three platforms from where you can get quality business contents:

1 LinkedIn Articles : Linked is a professional networking site. This helps to a person to professionally network. But it offers an excellent feature called LinkedIn articles. LinkedIn article are quite quality content written by various users. This acts as amazing way to share knowledge.

Follow these pointers : Simply go to LinkedIn search -> Type your topic, press enter -> select “Posts” from under “more” option.

That’s all. You can see many contents. Now you can further segregate or filter by connection posted, date of post , author of industry.

2 Blogger: Blogger is content platform by Google. You can access the platform if you have a
Google or Gmail account. However here search option for contents need to be searched in reading list. You can modify the reading list and add as per your interest. This is powered by Google. By this you can read the contents written by other bloggers.

You can explore the blogger buzz option in the blogger. This is a easy but powerful way of finding
contents. This is available over app also. You access contents by using your phone as well.

3 Medium: Medium is excellent article site. You can  get into the site and search the content of your preference. You will find the articles written by various writers. You can even search with the writer name. This has huge pool of contents on various subjects. This is type of content might be formal and informal both.

You can connect with writers by placing a message on the response section below the article. Many a times writers place their email ids in their profile. You can email and connect with them. You can also clap on the article to encourage the writer. You can even follow the content write on medium. Follow option can be found in the writer’s profile.


Contents are written by many writers worldwide. You can benefit from their writings.