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Teachers : Building Blocks of a Nation

Teachers : Building Blocks of a Nation

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Teachers are the nation builders. A nation is built on the foundation of education. Educated nation leads and progresses. Here, the role of teacher comes to play. Teachers make the nation educated. An educated person leads the nation to greater heights.

Nation progresses with education. Without education a nation lags behind. All developed countries have one thing in common, they stress on education. It goes without saying that building blocks for education are teachers.

The knowledge is required to build a country. This knowledge gets imparted from teachers. At every level right – from kinder-garden to post graduation – the process of knowledge imparting takes place. This makes one’s future. This uplifts the society. Transfer of knowledge cannot happen without teachers. They are experts of their subjects. This flow goes on generations after generations.

During the course of knowledge sharing, another important aspect which comes to play, is “guidance”. At every step, guidance is required. No one can be a better guide than the people who impart knowledge – The Teachers. The guidance helps a person to take crucial decisions in life. Guidance is beyond explanations. Every time a hurdle comes in life, guidance paves the way to face that.

Next concept is “inspiration”. It is general human tendency to fall back after some time. This fall back creates a wrong curve in life. Here inspiration of teachers plays a vital role. However, teacher’s inspiration is different from the inspirational talks by a motivational speaker. Teachers keep motivating student’s day in & day out. Most of the time a “deviated-behavior” of a student, is first noticed by a teacher. Their experience of handing students helps to detect that. Once detected, their inspiration takes students out of the “fall-backs”

We all make mistakes. This is usual human behavior. One of vital jobs of a teacher is to rectify the mistakes of a student. Not once, not twice, not thrice but to rectify thousands and thousands of times, years after years. This, at times, look like a monotonous task. But, this is the task which teachers do tirelessly. With this, a habit is created in students. A habit, to do the task in right way. With this perfection in life develops. This is required to excel in professional journey.

On the eve of teacher’s day, I express my gratitude to all my teachers.