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Independence Day 2020 !

Independence Day 2020 !

Independence Day 2020 !

Independence Day itself is a guiding star. This day tells us how the impossible task of getting out of colonial chains had happened. Independence didn’t come free. People paid a price for this. Many lives where sacrificed. Many totally immersed themselves to the cause. This is thorough struggle, probably the toughest struggle in the history of this planet. It was toughest, as people fought against strongest colonial power of that time.

Three points to do on this day :

Remember The Martyrs: This is the first thing we should do on this day. We should thank them from every core of our heart. With their efforts and sacrifices, we got this day in our life. Today, we wake up in the air of independent India. We do not have to follow the rules of any other country. We can make our own Government. We can select our own legislators. We can voice against any irregularity. We can start any activity which we feel. This is the freshness of Independence. Hence, we should thank Martyrs from the deepest part of our heart.

Remember The Sacrifice: Sacrifice which fighters have done, is beyond description. Many of the freedom fighters left their golden carriers and jumped into the struggle of independence. Many did not cared about their family as they cared for the country. Sacrifice could not only be measured by a career or materialistic measures. The sacrifice given was all through. We could really understand the kind of situation the freedom fighters went through. One way colonial powers were standing against them and on the other hand their families too suffered without any regret. They suffered and sacrificed to give us a better India.

Remember The Struggle: India’s struggle for independence is one of the lengthiest chapter in the world history. It started with sepoy mutiny at Barrackpore and at Meerut. From there a first organized revolt of 1857 took place. This was followed by mass movement for independence which resulted in end of colonial rule. The struggle was not only for independence, struggle was also for building a new and better India. We got independence on 15th of August 1947. The challenge came up in form of coping up with the partition and building a new India. The struggle was beyond explanation. This was the struggle that made our present.

On the eve of Independence day, we must thank freedom fighters. Their efforts made our present better.

Independence Day 2020 is probably one of the toughest Independence Day in the history of our country. One side we are fighting against deadly pandemic and on the other side economic upliftment is a huge challenge. Here, lessons of freedom struggle can be important. Freedom movement was a result of mass involvement. Every part of society was involved in this. Likewise, pandemic of this order must be fought with the mass involvement. All of us should make efforts to defeat this. With this, our next generation will see a new dawn.

Remember, In every tough situation, the lessons of freedom struggle can be the guiding lamp !