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How To Get Knowledge About Business?

How To Get Knowledge About Business?

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Knowledge about business is a key criterion. This helps to reap benefit in long run. Knowledge not only helps to run the business but also helps to plan the strategies and contingencies.

Question comes how to get this knowledge. Answer is quite easy as in this digital age, knowledge is available all across. I am noting here five easy and best ways to get business knowledge:

1 Read articles of business leaders: Almost all business leaders write articles. This is a great way to get the firsthand knowledge about the business. Some of the finest business articles you can get from them. Writing by them, generally, mentions the practical problems faced in business. Such problems are faced in every business. Their suggestions can be of great help. For example: Bill Gates’ articles available by the name of “Gates Notes” and is one of the most read articles in the business world.

2 Hear Podcast of business coaches: There are many renowned business coaches across the globe. They write and interact with their audiences on regular basis. Podcast is great and evolving channel of doing so. This helps to spread knowledge. With this, you can know about a lot of new concepts. These could be of immense help. Podcast can be listened on any smartphones. There are many apps or platforms for listening podcasts like Spotify, Apple Podcast, Google Podcast etc. You can get any of the app and start listening to your favorite business coach. Some of the popular podcasts are Youpreneur by Chris Ducker, The Biz Chix by Natalie Eckdahi, Business Owners & Entrepreneurs by PeterBoolkah, Tim Ferries Show by Tim Ferries etc. Famous coaches like Grant Cardones, Robin Sharma, Neil Patel etc too have their podcast channels.

3 Go through business videos in YouTube: YouTube is a powerful way to get knowledge. Unlike podcast, it has an audio-visual impact. YouTube videos offer great learnings. Visual display of the concepts has its own advantage. This makes a deeper impact. Many coaches and business leader have their own YouTube channel. They share knowledge on regular basis. Subscribe to those channels and keep learning. Coaches like Gary Vaynerchuk, Brain Tracy, Grand Cardone, Tim Ferries are most viewed channels. Some more channels to mention are The Google Business Channel, TED Talks, Stanfort Business, Young Entrepreneurs Forum, Always Be Creating by Roberto Blake, Dave Ramsey Show by Dave Ramsey etc

4 Subscribe to newsletters of business portals: There are many renowned business portals available in internet. Almost all business portals have options of subscribing for newsletter. Once you subscribe for newsletter from your favorite website, you will keep receiving regular updates in your email. You can read them at your convenience. This is an amazing way to enhance your knowledge and keep yourself updated. Some of the popular business portals like Entrepreneur; The CEO Magazine, Harvard Business Review, Inc, Bloomsberg Businessweek offer newsletter to their readers on regular basis.

5 Follow related social media profiles: Social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram etc, offer amazing knowledge about business. You need to follow the right profile to gain your knowledge. You may follow the pages of business coaches, influencers, associations or even companies. They provide regular updates about the happenings. These can be a great source of information and knowledge. You may follow coaches and business leaders in social media. Business coaches like Tony Robbins, Dan Lok, Robert Kiyosaki etc are most followed in social media.


Ironically, all above ways to gaining knowledge are free. So, get all ways to learn about business.