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Fighting The Fear Of Entrepreneurship

Fighting The Fear Of Entrepreneurship

Everyone wants to start a venture of one’s own. However only few can manage to do so. Reasons can be many. Here, phobia of entrepreneurship comes in picture. In this book, fear factors are analysed, and new age solutions were also presented.  

It is seen that starting a business faces a lot of roadblocks. Most of the roadblocks are just the mental ones. These are the blocks which stops a person from taking up business. These hurdles are created out of ignorance and lack of knowledge about business concepts. Maximum percentage of aspirants gets stuck because of this. Lack of ecosystem and mentorship are the key reasons for this.

This book describes and explaines each of the fear factors. Fear is a powerful force that can paralyze a person. It can also make you feel helpless when you are confronted with an unexpected situation. When the situation is not going your way, fear will make its way. 

Here fear factors are analyzed, which a start-up founder face. Reasons for that to explained too. The approach is made  scientific and easy to understand. Even the new  concepts are introduced. The book combines an ancient Indian concept of “Navarasa”. 

The goal of this book is to introduce new age business concepts which will be of great help for business owners.

This book is divided into three parts 

1.    Analysis of phobia

2.    Dealing with phobias

3.    Why people start business 

This segregation will help a start-up founder to understand the concepts in a better way.