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Entrepreneurship “Through My Lenses”

Entrepreneurship Through My Lenses

Entrepreneurship Through My Lenses

This book contains the first hand expreience and advices of an entrepreneur. This book describes many situations which an entrepreneur face. Languege used here is simple. Book contains short chapters which can be finished during a coffee break. Paragraphs are also small in size. 

The book describes many aspects of entrepreneurship. The starts from pre-start phase of a business. It also include new age entrepreneurship concepts like social media, business intelligence, new generation customer behaviors etc. This is a book on neo-entrepreneurship. The concepts of entrepreneurship changes every moment. This book describes about how an entrepreneur can keep him or her informed about forthcoming changes. 

This book stresses a lot on the self – development aspect of entrepreneurship. It is not a profession, It is a way of life. So self development points mentioned, can be of great help. Apart from this, techiques of facing a situation and ways of making oneself ready for a situation are mentioned here. 

This can act as a coffee time handbook for entrepreneurs, startup founders or aspiring entrepreneurs.